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Online Dog Training
and Virtual Evaluations

Online Training Classes


FIT DOG is AKC's newest titling program. This program is designed to improve and maintain the fitness and health of all dogs and their owners. The classes are designed to be fun and safe, and utilize positive training techniques.

Level 1 on demand class is available now.

If interested in the live online class (via zoom) email Classes will be forming based on interest and availability.

Virtual and in person Fun Runs and Group Walks are also offered.

AKC Virtual Home Manners (Puppy & Adult) Online Training Help & Virtual Evaluations


Virtual Home Manners can get you started on practical skills before you attend a in person training class. Virtual Home Manners tests assess the skills that well-mannered pet dogs need in a home setting.


Online training help and virtual evaluations are offered.

AKC Trick Dog
Online Training Help & Virtual Evaluations

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Teaching your dog tricks is a fun way to have them physically and mentally active.

Online training help and virtual evaluation are offered.



Note that for all AKC title programs the AKC will require an additional fee to have title added to your dog's AKC title record

Be sure to review the participate agreement and release and refund policy prior to registering and paying for any courses/classes. By registering and paying you are agreeing to these.

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